Learn How Location Aware Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business

Location aware apps are the next big thing. They allow you to reach your clients when it means the most with relevant, timely information that enhances their experience with your business.

location based marketing

By integrating iBeacon technology, businesses can deliver:

  • Product information
  • Enhanced Tours for Museums and Public Spaces
  • Points of Interest Information
  • Alert Customers to Upcoming Store Events

The days of the QR code are over. Contact BizzApps to find out how we can deliver a custom solution for your business. Watch the video below to learn more about this exciting new technology.

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Eller Tonnsen Bach Compensation Calculator

Download the Free App on iTunes

Eller Tonnsen Bach has created an easy to use NC/SC Worker’s Compensation calculator app that simplifies many common calculations:
- Number of Weeks
- Schedule Of Injuries
- Life Expectancy
- Commuted Value Calculator

Eller Tonnsen Bach are pleased to offer these calculators which are for informational purposes only and are not legal advice. Use of these calculators or answers does not create a lawyer-client relationship, and no representations or guarantees are made.

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iOnGreenville iPhone and Web-App

We are happy to announce that Apple approved our update to the iOnGreenville iPhone app this week. The update includes an event calendar for Greenville, SC as well as links to information about each event.

For Android users, we also released a web-app available at iOnGreenville.net. The web-app is full featured and compatible with most Android devices.

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BizzApps Launches iOnGreenville

Designed to give residents and visitors of Greenville, South Carolina the best of Greenville on their phone, iOnGreenville is a free app available on the iTunes store.

App Features:
Now you can get Exclusive Deals for Greenville area businesses.
Shop Local and Save. Greenville businesses can place ads and publish store events on the app for under $1 a day. Learn more about advertising on the app.
City Guide
Get Restaurant, Bar, Hotel and Business information for over 500 Greenville area businesses.
Integrated Yelp reviews for all business listings.
Close to Me
Easily find businesses and restaurants that are close to your current location. All conveniently displayed on an interactive map. All map points link to Yelp for easy review information.
Day Trips
Maps and Information on many of the Greenville area tourist and cultural sites
Greenville Area News
Updated News Feeds from across the web. Integrated Twitter and Facebook buttons allow you to share content via social media.

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Clemson Football for iPhone Just Updated

Download the app

Dedicated exclusively to Clemson Football, this app has everything you need to follow the team.

App Includes:
NEW: Clemson Podcast and Video
NEW: Get Clemson Football Notifications
Schedule and Game Previews
Roster and Player Information
Comprehensive Clemson Football News
Game Day Weather Forecast
Clemson Trivia Game
Post News to Facebook and Twitter Accounts

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How To: Extract hyperlink contents in Excel for Mac

I found this information explaing how to extract links from excel data and wanted to pass it along:

You have a series of hyperlinks from which you want to extract the URLs. You want to keep the hyperlink display text as well.

  1. Copy the hyperlinks into a column in Excel (column A).
  2. Copy the hyperlinks into the adjacent column as well (column B).
  3. Select column B and right-click on the selected cells. Choose “Edit Hyperlink”
  4. In “Display” the value will be “multiple cells”. Delete this text and save. Just the URLs will remain in column B.
  5. Select column A and right-click on the selected cells. Choose “Remove Hyperlink”. Just the display text will remain in column A.

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BizzApps Delivers NCAA Bracket Challenge Website for WCCP FM

BizzApps delivers NCAA site for WCCPBizzApps has built a custom NCAA Bracket game for WCCP FM. Registered users can sign up and make their picks for this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

Follow this link to register today!

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For the first time, Chrome and Firefox can “talk” to each other via WebRTC.

Check out this article to learn more about this incredible technology that allows in-browser video and audio communication. Now if only all of the browsers – IE I am talking to you – can get together and make this happen.

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BizzApps Releases 8 New Updates for iOS apps

We have been busy. In the past 2 weeks, BizzApps has released 8 updates for our iPhone and iPad apps and all of them are now live on the iTunes store.


BizzApps: Download our Apps on iTunes

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JFolder::create: Infinite loop detected in Joomla | Quick fix tip

Super quick fix to module installation problems in Joomla 2.5+

Check out the full solution here

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